Friday Leftovers: Marisnick, Rickwood, Skunks, and More


Great news: the Blue Wahoos were featured on ESPN as part of SportsCenter’s Top Ten! Needless to say, the conditions of the highlight didn’t favor Pensacola.

In all seriousness, yesterday’s 11-2 clubbing was tough to endure but historic to witness. Jacksonville’s Jake Marisnick had a banner night, going 3-for-5 with a double, two grand slams, and nine RBI. Yes, nine. In addition to ending the offensive malaise haunting the Suns for the past week, it also made Thursday’s article pretty much moot. But it’s Friday, and what better way to forget a rotten game than delicious food? The Southern League dominated minor league headlines from the iconic to the incredible, and this week’s recap gives you several videos to take your mind off of the Suns’ double-dip. So grab your paper plates and get ready for the final Leftovers of May:

Salami time

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Entering Thursday’s game without a professional grand slam, the Jays-turned-Marlins prospect thumped two into Pensacola Bay. The outfielder shattered all-time records for single-game RBI on both sides and tied the Southern League statistic with an unfathomable nine runs batted in. (For the curious fans, Mobile’s Marc Krauss previously held the Wahoos’ opposition mark with six on July 8.)

Some speculate that perhaps Marisnick sensed the big night, as this entirely real tweet was his most recent dispatch before yesterday’s thriller:

At the discretion of team officials, however, we are required to post the following content warning below.

WARNING: The following highlight contains the destruction of a close game and depicts euphoria at the sake of the Blue Wahoos. Footage may frighten fans of all ages and Kazoo. Viewer discretion is advised.

Barons go old-school for a day

In a tradition that embodies quintessential baseball, the Birmingham Barons travel across town to play the Rickwood Classic. For one game, the team plays in retro uniforms in the oldest ballpark in America as they celebrate the sport’s roots in Birmingham. Home to baseball operations for nearly eighty years, Rickwood attracts thousands of fans while honoring past players and teams. This year’s Classic recognized the 1948 Black Barons, whose team featured Willie Mays and won the Negro National League pennant. Coincidentally, the Barons also hold the unique distinction of possessing the newest American stadium as well; Regions Field was completed just months ago. provides a photo gallery with the scenes of Wednesday’s game, and you’ll quickly see that players weren’t alone in their return to history.

Skunk delay? Skunk delay.

Now to the bizarre news of the week as a skunk disrupted play in Jackson during the Generals’ series with Huntsville. Chris Harris provides the call on radio as the grounds crew converges on the warning track. The furry fiend crawled back into a hole in center field, and according to social media reports he remains at-large in the visitors’ bullpen. Delay may be a strong word as the situation was “resolved” in ninety seconds, but it’s still worth a look.

The best postgame interview of all time

Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Munenori Kawasaki was instrumental in a walk-off victory, and his reaction on camera following the game was the stuff of legends. Getting his chance to play after Jose Reyes was added to the disabled list, the quirky infielder grips the microphone and shouts motivational quotes from a translation book before the team both pies and douses him. Words don’t do it justice, so watch the video from

Kids Korner: Lilly checks back in

Hi Guys. This is Lilly again, the Kids’ Club Coordinator at the Blue Wahoos. 

We have been having so much fun at the Wahoos games. You don’t want to miss out.

The food is great, with even more choices this year (don’t forget to bring your popcorn bucket back for free, unlimited popcorn).

Exciting games are played on the field between innings each night. My very favorite is the Roach Run. A giant cockroach runs from one side of the field to the other, followed by about 30 to 40 kids trying to catch the gigantic critter. He is quick, so wear your running shoes.

Make sure to get there extra early if you want to play a game. Pull your parents over to fan assistance to sign up for one of the many on-field games that are played each night.

Friday night will be tons of fun with free camo hats given to each of the first 2000 fans. Then Saturday night is Fireworks night. Stay till the end and enjoy quite a show.

I hope you continue to have a wonderful time at the Blue Wahoos games.

Highlight Reel: abridged

Chad Rogers has better luck against Marisnick
David Vidal seals the Thursday victory

Big League Wahoos

Didi Gregorius, ARI: The former Wahoos shortstop is still on fire, recording his twelfth and thirteen multi-hit games of the season earlier this week. With a .317 clip (13-for-41) in his last ten games, Gregorius uncorked an RBI triple and parked a two-alarm dinger on Tuesday night as he continues to tear up the major leagues. You can use the MLB rookie tracker to measure his performance against other fresh-faced players, including former teammate and current Reds outfielder…

Donald Lutz, CIN: Lutz has kept his average at a sharp .250 at the week’s end, but only played in two games since the last set of Leftovers. Lutz was hitless in his last three plate appearances and remains active on the Reds’ roster.


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